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Japandi style house

A place where East and West exist in perfect harmony

Our house is built of ecological perlite, it is 120 square meters, and thanks to its shape and open space inside it is very spacious. We have a 60 square meter living room with a fireplace, it is connected to an open kitchen. Large glazing allows you to enjoy beautiful views from behind the windows. On the first floor is one of the bedrooms also with a picturesque view of the lake and access to the terrace. In the bathroom we have a sauna especially for you. The second bedroom is located on the mezzanine and is equipped with a Japanese futon mattress. The 1st floor also has a children's playroom with a bunk bed and a relaxation area. We also have an almost 60-meter terrace and a year-round Jacuzzi. Outside there is a barbecue and fire pit, a playground and a sand playground.



With us, the word vacation takes on a completely different, magical meaning.

Enjoy the peace and quiet

Our house is a great place to relax for whole families and large groups of friends.

We have amazing views and access to a beautiful lake.

Feel free to create your own memories.